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Fulbright Scholar Award

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Cote d'Ivoire
Africa, Sub-Saharan


Award Details
Award Activity

Teach undergraduate and graduate courses; supervise master's and PhD thesis; attend seminars and lead research. Provide tutorials and co-supervise thesis-level students; participate in seminars and conduct research.

Scholars selected for this award will be required to:
  • Advise and/or mentor students
  • Assist in faculty, curriculum, and/or program development
  • Conduct a research project designated by the host institution
  • Conduct a research project of the applicant’s choosing
  • Teach graduate and/or undergraduate courses designated by the host institution
  • Teach graduate and/or undergraduate courses of the applicant’s choosing
Award Length
10 months
Award Dates

August/September 2022 - May/June 2023

Academic calendars may fluctuate depending on host institution and local conditions.


Universite Felix Houphouet-Boigny - UFHB  - Social Sciences, Business/Economics - UFHB is the country's leading public sector university and has played a central role in the country's political and economic development. Academics and researchers in the following disciplines are especially sought after: American civilization; English literature or TOEFL and applied linguistics; business strategy and organizational development, including for executive MBA programs. The STEM disciplines are also welcome, especially as Ivorian faculty seek to internationalize and broaden their relationships with other institutions and seek coaching and partnering.

International University of Grand Bassam (IUGB) - Business, Economics/Finance and Engineering -  IUGB offers six degrees in its School of Business & Social Sciences (BSS) and School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).  The school also offers a University Preparatory Program.  IUGB is a four-year undergraduate American-style English-language university with a longstanding close relationship with the University of Georgia.  It attracts over 800 students from 22 countries and an international faculty.  There are excellent on-site residential and other campus facilities.  IUGB has expansion plans to partner with districts and municipalities, and are active in the business community.  Fulbrighters in any of the above areas and at various stages of their careers from recent PhDs to senior faculty would be very welcome. International University of Grand-Bassam (IUGB) is located in Grand Bassam, a UNESCO heritage coastal city with an important role in Cote d'Ivoire's modern history located some 23 miles from Abidjan. The university seeks to play a key role in regional integration and to prepare its students for roles in telecoms, services, finance, and entrepreneurship. 

Alassane Ouattara University (UAO) - Law/Economics/Public Policy/Social & Medical Sciences - UAO is one of the country's largest institution of higher education, offers the following majors: law; administrative management and law; economic science and development; medical sciences; and, communications and sociology. There are opportunities for both research and teaching, and the University is home to an American center run by US Embassy Abidjan. UAO is located in Bouake in central Cote d'Ivoire some 5-6 hours north of Abidjan. Bouake has long been the country's crossroads and is important to the country's political and commercial development. UAO has more than 20,000 students and over 800 faculty and has important relationships in the country's business and political communities.

Graduate School of Management (GSM) - Accounting/Marketing/Finance - GSM is a UK-style undergraduate business school and seeks accounting information systems; forensic audit; mobile applications developers; digital marketing researchers; e-technology specialists; and US trade-with-Africa experts to teach business development and marketing/organizational development and entrepreneurship classes. Some research capabilities and facilities are available through the school and its network. The school seeks IT, audit/accounting/finance and statistics/research professionals and academics. GSM is located in Abidjan - the economic, commerical, cultural and political hub of Cote d'Ivoire. GSM welcomes opportunities to partner with US institutions and on US business-related academicians. GSM undertakes some TOEFL and youth education-related projects with US Embassy Abidjan. There are approximately 800 students at the school's urban campus and it is among the more developed of Cote d'Ivoire's private higher-educational institutions and is well-regarded.

The Ecole Nationale Superieur des Statistiques et d'Economie Appliquee (ENSEA) - Statistics and Applied Economics - ENSEA is an independent, specialized regional institute with a competitive admission standards and attracting students and faculty from across the African continent. ENSEA's degree programs include data science, actuarial studies, agriculture/agri-business and economics. ENSEA works closely with several of the country's leading ministries, e.g., health, finance, education, and private sector development. ENSEA is located in the heart of Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire's economic, political, cultural and commercial hub.

International University of Grand-Bassam (IUGB) School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Teach undergraduate courses in mechanical engineering technology and possibly in mathematics. The mechanical engineering technology program is new to IUGB. The scholar should be comfortable in contributing to a new program, where students need to be recruited into the program, and not all of the equipment is at hand. The scholar should be willing to work with people who might be able to suggest local alternatives for teaching situations, including local industries. The Mission of the International University of Grand-Bassam is to provide internationally-recognized higher education through technology-enhanced English medium instruction in fields critical to regional development, international success and life-long learning. Please contact koffi.s@iugb.org or info@iugb.org for more information.

Advanced School of Agronomy and National Polytechnic Institute Felix Houphouet-Boigny (INPHB)  -  Agronomy, environmental engineering, business management and applied economics (finance, accounting and law), and transportation engineering. Both are located in Yamoussoukro, the country's administrative capital, some 3 hrs north driving from Abidjan. ESA and INPHB share campus facilities. Most useful/sought-after disciplines include:  water treatment and bioremediation; industrial chemistry and process engineering; transportation economics and engineering; business administration and applied economics (law, accounting/finance); agronomy and agricultural economics; urbanization and construction studies. INPHB, the country's premier research institute, has recently added programs in aviation and petroleum engineering and is actively seeking to align its course offerings, faculty teaching methodologies, curricula and student-focused workshops and trainings to better align with private sector needs. Other topics of interest include: forestry and land management, agro-economy, earth sciences, food sciences, agricultural and agronomic economics and engineering; environmental engineering; food and water safety; energy and transportation. Note: Proficiency in French is highly recommended for these two institutions and, while research can be conducted in English and the schools do admit international non-francophone students, the language of operation and teaching entirely in French.


Flex Option
Discipline Type
Applications are sought in all disciplines
Areas of Interest

Cote d'Ivoire wants very much to move into the English speaking world and welcomes English/TOEFL instruction and curriculum designers of all types. All of the public universities in Cote d'Ivoire are in dire need of English instructors. They are all trying to re-tool from the francophone/European world to competing in an English-for-academics publishing world. 

Academics and researchers with time on-the-ground to develop relationships and broaden contacts will be of greatest value to the host institutions. In addition to the all disciplines listed above, there are active regional economic development and some opportunities for academics and researchers to engage with regional projects. You may contact US Embassy Abidjan public affairs section for further information at FulbrightCDI@state.gov


Special Features

Abidjan is home to the African Development Bank and numerous international NGOs and leading multi-national companies. It is possible for academics and teachers to develop partnered projects with donors and corporate sponsors, given sufficient time and as aligned with local needs.

Application Deadline
Activity Type

Teaching includes classroom teaching, as well as giving guest lectures, workshops, and seminars, and engaging in other related activities. Classroom teaching is typically at the undergraduate and graduate level, and courses may be designed by the scholar or prescribed by the host institution and may be taught or co-taught by the scholar. The teaching load varies by award, as well as the host institution. Scholars may also consult on building research capacity, advise graduate students, and assist with thesis advising.

Degree Requirements
Ph.D. (or other terminal degree) required
Career Profile
Early Career Academics

Awards are open to those who have been working in the capacity of a teacher or scholar for no more than seven years.

Mid-Career Academics

Awards are open to those who have been working in the capacity of a teacher or scholar for more than seven, and less than 13, years.


Awards are open to individuals who have more than seven years of experience in a particular profession.

Senior Academics

Awards are open to those who have been working in the capacity of a teacher or scholar for more than 13 years.

Number of Recipients
Up To 4
Program Staff
Kimberly Williams
Outreach and Recruitment Officer

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