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Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program Catalog of Awards

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Cyber Security and Digital Forensic

Africa, Sub-Saharan


Award Details
Grant Activity

The U.S. Scholar is expected to teach undergraduate courses in Cyber Security and/or Digital Forensics. The numer of contact hours per week will be not more than eight. Those will include mostly lectures, as labs and tutorials will be handled by local teaching instructors and assistants. However, the U.S. Scholar is expected to provide a complete guide on how labs and tutorials have to be run, and work closely with TIs and TAs. He/she is expected to set up at least two tests and exam papers. All textbook requests will be forwarded to the BIUST Library to be purchased in necessary number copies. The emphasis should be on practical hands-on experience.

Grant Length
4-5 months
Grant Dates

August - December 2021


Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST)

Department of Computer Science and Information Systems

Plot No. 10071, Boseja Ward, Palapye

Private Bag 16, Palapye, Botswana


Flex Option
Discipline Type
Only applications in the following disciplines will be considered
Computer Science
Areas of Interest

While this award is open to any project in the disciplines listed above, there is interest in scholars who are in these particular specialty areas.

Cyber Security or Digital Forensics

Special Features

PhD in the relevant area, at least five years of experience. Non-academics can be considered if they have experience working for law-enforcement agencies.

Application Deadline
Degree Requirements
Ph.D. (or other terminal degree) required
Candidate Profile
Academics, all levels including early career
Number of Grants
Up To 1
Program Staff
Kimberly Williams
Outreach and Recruitment Officer

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