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Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program Catalog of Awards

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Fulbright Scholar Award

Fulbright Award in Law and Criminology / University of Minho

Europe and Eurasia


Award Details
Award Activity

The recipient of the grant is expected to engage both in teaching (40%) and in research projects (60%).

As far as the teaching component is concerned, the candidate will be expected to teach some “Free Seminars” in the PhD and in the Masters Degrees of the School of Law, either specifically (depending on the discipline and area of specialization) or transversally, offering Seminars or Open Classes that can be attended by students of different Masters.

The School of Law offers 10 distinctive Master Programs: LL.M. in European and Transglobal Business Law, Master’s in Human Rights, Master’s in Judiciary Law, Master’s in Administrative Law, Master’s in Law and Informatics, Master’s in Contract and Company law, Master’s in Tax Law, Master’s in Children, Family and Inheritance Law, Master’s in European Law and Master’s in Criminal Sciences (Criminal Justice and Criminology). These seminars and classes can be designed according to the candidate’s discipline and specialization, in order to better accommodate his/her area of interest.

Furthermore, the candidate is expected to engage in the research activities of the Research Centre for Justice and Governance (JusGov), JusGov is dedicated to advance research and scholarship in Law and Criminology by pursuing an innovative research program and by delivering high quality training for both master and doctoral students.

As part of its mission, JusGov seeks to explore the role of Law and Criminology in meeting contemporary societal challenges such as those identified by UN2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in particular the promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies, the achievement of gender equality, the provision of access to justice for all and building effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.

In this context, it is expected that the candidate lends his/her support to the project(s) developed by the Centre in the referred areas – it is possible to adapt the conctrete choice of the project or line of investigation to the specific interests of the candidate.

The grant recipient should be able to organize and teach 3 thematic workshops (10 hours each) under the JusGov’s research scope, aimed at early-stage researchers.

Scholars selected for this award will be required to:
  • Advise and/or mentor students
  • Assist in faculty, curriculum, and/or program development
  • Conduct a research project designated by the host institution
  • Conduct a research project of the applicant’s choosing
  • Participate in a two-week group seminar
  • Teach graduate and/or undergraduate courses designated by the host institution
  • Teach graduate and/or undergraduate courses of the applicant’s choosing
Award Length
3 months
Award Dates

Starting in March, as agreed with the Portuguese host institution.

Flex Option
Discipline Type
Only applications in the following disciplines will be considered
Areas of Interest

While this award is open to any project in the disciplines listed above, there is interest in Scholars from any of these particular areas:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Diversity and Inclusion
Special Features

The host will contribute with €750/month for housing expenses and will provide assistance in finding housing.

The host institution will provide computer facilities, internet access and e-mail, office space and secretarial assistance.

Application Deadline
Activity Type
Degree Requirements
Ph.D. (or other terminal degree) required
Career Profile
Mid-Career Academics

Awards are open to those who have been working in the capacity of a teacher or scholar for more than seven, and less than 13, years.

Senior Academics

Awards are open to those who have been working in the capacity of a teacher or scholar for more than 13 years.

Number of Recipients
Program Staff
Aferdita Krasniqi
Outreach and Recruitment Officer

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