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Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program Catalog of Awards


Fulbright-Cancer Research UK Scholar Award

United Kingdom
Europe and Eurasia


Award Details
Grant Activity

This award is designed to enable US academic researchers to pursue cancer research at any accredited higher education institution in the UK.

Cancer Research UK is the world’s leading charity dedicated to cancer research and the largest independent funder of cancer research in Europe.

The charity invests over £350 million each year in world-leading research that delivers progress across all cancer types. It is committed to supporting a strong community of researchers by providing outstanding career support, networking opportunities and training, to cultivate successful, long-term careers.

Cancer Research UK’s vision is to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured by providing a broad and flexible portfolio of fellowships and programme awards, supporting researchers at every career stage.

This Award aims to build capacity and accelerate progress in priority areas in cancer research by facilitating collaboration and building links between UK and US research groups.

The Award welcomes applications from both clinical and non-clinical academic researchers. Grantees will not be permitted to practise clinically in the UK; projects must not involve direct clinical contact with patients.

In addition to being a prestigious academic exchange program, the Fulbright Program is designed to expand and strengthen relationships between the people of the United States and citizens of other nations and to promote international understanding and cooperation. To support this mission, Fulbright Scholars will be asked to give public talks, mentor students, and otherwise engage with the host community, in addition to their primary activities‎.
Grant Length
three to twelve months
Grant Dates

Grants may begin any time after September 1, 2019 but before April 30, 2020.


Any accredited higher education institution in the UK. 

Flex Option
Discipline Type
Please see Specializations below
Medical Sciences

The proposed work should align with one of the areas of priority from the CRUK research strategy.

  • Early detection of cancer
  • Brain cancers (adult and paediatric)
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Oesophageal cancer

The Award welcomes applicants from traditionally non-cancer fields to become involved in cancer research. Applicants coming from other research fields (e.g. engineering, maths, physical sciences) may use the Award to apply their skills to a cancer-related project in one of the areas of priority from the CRUK research strategy i.e. early detection of cancer, brain cancers (adult and paediatric), pancreatic cancer, lung cancer or oesophageal cancer.

Special Features

Scholars in the UK participate in a wide range of academic, cultural and social events and benefit from a variety of additional opportunities provided by the Commission; see Special Award Benefits section for more details.

Number of Grants
Degree Requirements
Ph.D. (or other terminal degree) required
Application Deadline
Program Staff
Aferdita Krasniqi
Outreach and Recruitment Analyst

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