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Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program Catalog of Awards

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Fulbright Lectureship in Energy, Environment and Sustainability at the Università degli Studi di Napoli “Parthenope”

Europe and Eurasia


Award Details
Award Activity

The Fulbright Scholar is expected to teach:

  1. one 24 hour course (2-4 hours per week – 20/30 students) to the undergraduate and master students (Department of Sciences and Technologies, Department of Engineering, Department of Economics)
  2. one 25 hour module to the students of the PhD curricula carried out in the Departments of Science, Engineering, and Economy at Parthenope University (limited to 15-20 students).

Students have their own books, internet access, and laptops, but reading material from the visiting Professor is welcome. The choice of the course contents depends on the Scholar’s specific expertise and will be agreed upon with the Fulbright Program Coordinator at the host university. After agreement is reached, a syllabus for both courses will be required.

Other grant activity:

The visiting Scholar is expected to provide the undergraduate students with an overall picture of the organization of American undergraduate and graduate curricula in the United States, in order to enable the students to decide about spending a study period in the United States.

The Scholar is expected to interact with some of the PhD students, suggesting options, research pathways, hypotheses, and other tutorial activities, and supervising presentations and seminars.

Finally, he/she is also expected and warmly invited to interact with local Researchers in the same field as well as with Faculty of undergraduate and PhD students, in order to promote and/or implement new bilateral research options and training curricula in the field.

Award Length
Three, four or five months
Award Dates

February 2022 (Spring semester). Starting dates are flexible.


Naples (Various locations)

Centro Direzionale (Isola C4)
Dept. Engineering

Dept. Sciences and Technologies

Palazzo Pacanowski
Dept. Business and Quantitative Studies

Dept. Economics and Business

Dept. Economics and Legal Studies

Flex Option
Discipline Type
Only applications in the following disciplines will be considered
Environmental Sciences
Areas of Interest

Circular Economy, Green Management and Sustainable Finance, Environmental Monitoring, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Forensics, Energy and Resource Use, Life Cycle Assessment.

Special Features

Parthenope University is eager to support the Fulbright Scholar in his/her research activity in close collaboration with Italian colleagues. The possibility of submitting jointly-authored papers is appreciated. The collaboration may lead to the design of new joint projects and the submission of proposals to international or national Boards for funding.

Parthenope University will support the Fulbright scholar in organizing lectures in other Italian universities and institutions, in order to expand his/her collaboration options and also to increase the visibility of the Fulbright activities in Italy.

Parthenope University will also rely on its Europe-wide links in order to provide the Scholar with options for additional collaboration. This may lead to the participation in European conferences or workshops of interest to the Scholar and the collaborating Parthenope colleagues.

Application Deadline
Degree Requirements
Ph.D. (or other terminal degree) not required
Number of Recipients
Program Staff
Outreach and Recruitment Specialist

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The Fulbright Chair is expected to teach:
- Undergraduate students, for approximately 40-42 hours (six hours a week), to classes of 10-30 students.
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The Fulbright Scholar is expected to: