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Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program Catalog of Awards


Fulbright-Nehru International Education Administrators Program

South and Central Asia


Award Details
Grant Activity

Attend various informational meetings with representatives of Indian universities, private-sector agencies and organizations, and selected government agencies to gain better insight into India’s higher education system. U.S. administrators will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with program/curriculum designs, organizational structures, quality assurance procedures, and credit and degree expectations in Indian higher education. Participants will gain first-hand knowledge of a cross section of Indian institutions and meet with high-ranking university administrators and public sector officials who play key roles in the planning and administration of higher education in India. The seminar aims to achieve a balance of topical discussion, knowledge sharing by both the U.S. administrators and Indian representatives, experiential excursions, and exposure to societal/cultural facets of India.

In addition to being a prestigious academic exchange program, the Fulbright Program is designed to expand and strengthen relationships between the people of the United States and citizens of other nations and to promote international understanding and cooperation.
Grant Length
Two weeks
Grant Dates

March 2020


Seminar locations will include highly respected universities and colleges in New Delhi, other major cities (to be determined) and visits to research institutes and nongovernmental organizations that lend themselves as sites for higher education collaborations and exchanges between the United States and India.

Flex Option
Discipline Type
Please see Specializations below

International education administration or higher education administration

Number of Grants
Approximately ten
Seminar, open to higher education administrators
Degree Requirements
Ph.D. (or other terminal degree) not required
Application Deadline
Thursday, August 1, 2019
Program Staff
Michelle Bolourchi
Outreach and Recruitment Specialist
Sarah Causer
For India IEA

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