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Fulbright-University of Pécs Grant

Europe and Eurasia


Award Details
Grant Activity

The Scholar will be expected to teach one or two courses (a minimum of three credits, two contact hours per course, one consultation and one office hour per week) and take part in the activities expected of other University of Pécs scholars.

Scholars applying for a joint teaching and research project may undertake research within their area of specialization.


Grant Length
Four months
Grant Dates

Grants must begin in either September 2021 or February 2022.  


The University of Pécs, founded in 1367, is the oldest university of Hungary. With its 22,000 students and 2,000 faculty members it is the knowledge center of southern Hungary. The University of Pécs is a traditional but modern, uniquely comprehensive institution. It has 10 faculties, covering a very wide range of disciplines. Its faculties are: Faculty of Adult Education and Human Resource Development, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Business and Economics, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Sciences, Medical School, Faculty of Music and Visual Arts, and a Law School.

The university is pleased to have 2,600 international students representing more than 70 different nations.

One of the main strategic aims of the university is to internationalize the institution, to increase the number of the incoming international students, guest lecturers and researchers and also to provide a growing number of international opportunities for the domestic students and lecturers. The university has been offering study programs in English for 30 years, and since then an increasing number of international students and researchers have come from over 80 countries to the University of Pécs. At present the university offers 50 different international degree programs, taught mostly in English, but also in German. The University of Pécs is one of the most active Hungarian higher education institutions in mobility programs and has twice received the Erasmus Quality Award. The University of Pécs has extensive partnership with prestigious higher education institutions worldwide. The university is pleased to have extensive partnerships with various U.S. universities which provide opportunities for student exchange, lecturer exchange and common research projects.

Research also plays a key role at the university. As one of the most important research universities of the country, the University of Pécs acts as a knowledge center for innovation. Outstanding research is pursued at all 10 faculties of the university in a creative environment with significant results. There is a substantial amount of ongoing research in the fields of human and social science, medical and health science, natural science and technical science as well.

All the campuses are well equipped. Some of the campuses are located in recently renovated beautiful old buildings whereas others are modern facilities.

The university is located in the 2,000-year-old city of Pécs. The city and its rich cultural heritage is a most inspiring place for study and work. It is called Hungary's most Mediterranean city, located about 20 miles from the Croatian border. Pécs was a major settlement in Roman times, then lived through a 150-year Turkish occupation, and reminders of different historical periods fill the city even today: Old-Christian burial chambers, djamis and a slender minaret, Renaissance and Baroque monuments, as well as numerous museums. Pécs was the cultural capital of Europe in 2010. South of the city in Villány and surroundings is one of Hungary's best wine regions.

University of Pécs

Faculties of the University of Pécs

Flex Option
Discipline Type
Only applications in the following disciplines will be considered
American Studies
Computer Science
Creative Writing
Environmental Sciences
History, American
Information Sciences/Systems
International Relations
Literature, American
Medical Sciences
Political Science
Urban Planning
Areas of Interest

While this award is open to any project in the disciplines listed above, there is interest in scholars who are in these particular specialty areas.

Areas of special interest: American Studies, American literature, creative writing, art, ceramic art, design, education, architecture, civil engineering, biomedical engineering, ESL, ESL teacher training, urban development, urban landscape, romany studies

Special Features

Housing (except utility costs) and airport transfers will be provided by the university.

Application Deadline
Degree Requirements
Ph.D. (or other terminal degree) required
Candidate Profile
Academics, all levels including early career
Number of Grants
Up To 2
Program Staff
Kimberly Williams
Outreach and Recruitment Officer

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