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Inclusive Design and Creative Technology Innovation: Olfactory Research

Europe and Eurasia


Award Details
Grant Activity
  • As part of the 3 month fellowship, the candidate will offer a short course (not for credit) to UCD colleagues and community members, introducing the main aims and impacts of the research and inviting participation for ongoing impact. 
  • The fellow will be assigned to enterprise mentorship to three PhD candidates working in relevant areas, and will receive materials from these candidates for review remotely, as well as meeting with them in person during the fellowship period.
  • SMARTlab IDRC is a research center. The fellow will contribute to the monthly seminars and will give a plenary lecture to the IDRC members, including 68 Professors and Postdocs across the UCD colleges and 32 PhD candidates in the SMARTlab programme.
  • The fellow will conduct site-specific research on locations across the island of Ireland and will involve local communities in the research process using an inclusive design participatory model.
  • SMARTlab publishes results in peer-reviewed journals with the IEEE and in digital performance formats; the fellowship process and results will be shared via these and other means.


In addition to being a prestigious academic exchange program, the Fulbright Program is designed to expand and strengthen relationships between the people of the United States and citizens of other nations and to promote international understanding and cooperation. To support this mission, Fulbright Scholars will be asked to give public talks, mentor students, and otherwise engage with the host community, in addition to their primary activities‎.
Grant Length
3 months
Grant Dates

September 2020 or January 2021 - Flexible 

Flex Option
Areas of Interest

While this award is open to any project in the disciplines listed above, there is interest in scholars who are in these particular specialty areas.

Discipline: Inclusive Design
Specialization: Olfactory Research

Application Deadline
Degree Requirements
Ph.D. (or other terminal degree) required
Candidate Profile
Academics, all levels including early career
Program Staff
Aferdita Krasniqi
Outreach and Recruitment Officer

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