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Fulbright Scholar Award


Europe and Eurasia


Award Details
Award Activity

The Fulbright scholar will teach a seminar that is open to upper-level undergraduates and graduate students. These courses are marked as “M” courses at the University of Iceland (“Intermediate Courses”). Hours per week: 4; Average class size of such seminars: 15 students; Type of course: Seminar; Students will be required to buy books and read essays. We can expect students from Iceland, Europe and North-America to participate.

The awardee will also be expected to give a public lecture on a topic of his/her choice. There are also other roles which are optional, such as supervising BA-theses and attending faculty meetings.

Scholars selected for this award will be required to:
  • Teach graduate and/or undergraduate courses designated by the host institution
Award Length and Period

Approximately 5 months

Fall semester, starting in late August 2022 until January. The host is also open to the possibility of having the seminar taught during Spring semester of 2023, in which case the grantee would arrive in early January 2023 and stay until May. 

Locations Text

University of Iceland, Reykjavik

The University of Iceland is the oldest and largest university in Iceland. Established in 1911, it offers degrees in all the major fields of studies at all levels (Baccalaureate, Master's and Doctoral studies), except the arts. The University of Iceland is ranked by many of the major ranking firms in the world, such as Shanghai rankings, Times Higher Education World University Ranking. Most fields and sub-fields at the University of Iceland are ranked on these lists. The University of Iceland is located in Reykjavik, Iceland (Main Campus) with research centers around Iceland.

The student body at the University of Iceland is around 15.000 (1.500 International students). For fact and figures about the University of Iceland see https://www.hi.is/sites/default/files/bgisla/lykiltolur_2020.pdf

Flex Option
Discipline Type
Only projects in the following disciplines will be considered
Areas of Interest

The host is seeking a scholar proficient in one or more of these areas: the philosophy of Sören Kierkegaard, Philosophy as a way of life, Philosophy and film. 

Special Features

We help the scholar to find attractive housing close to the University of Iceland (the grantee pays the rent); we supply an office space / workspace for the scholar; we assist the scholar with placing his or her children in schools in the Greater Reykjavik area. Iceland is a family-friendly nation and there are international elementary and high schools in the Greater Reykjavik area. The Scholar will get full access to our research library and all library privileges. It should also be mentioned that due to our long history of welcoming foreign scholars, individual professors at the University of Iceland are willing to help assist foreign scholars in many ways not touched upon above.

Application Deadline
Activity Type

Teaching includes classroom teaching, as well as giving guest lectures, workshops, and seminars, and engaging in other related activities. Classroom teaching is typically at the undergraduate and graduate level, and courses may be designed by the scholar or prescribed by the host institution and may be taught or co-taught by the scholar. The teaching load varies by award, as well as the host institution. Scholars may also consult on building research capacity, advise graduate students, and assist with thesis advising.

Degree Requirements
Ph.D. (or other terminal degree) required
Career Profile
Mid-Career Academics

Awards are open to those who have been working in the capacity of a teacher or scholar for more than seven, and less than 13, years.

Senior Academics

Awards are open to those who have been working in the capacity of a teacher or scholar for more than 13 years.

Number of Recipients
Program Staff
Jaclyn Assarian
Outreach and Recruitment Specialist

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