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Seeking Solutions for Global Challenges Award

Europe and Eurasia


Award Details
Grant Activity

This new award is designed to enable U.S. scholars and professionals to conduct research and/or teach in any discipline and/or conduct professional projects on topics of current and global importance at any Finnish institution for a period of two to six months.

The Fulbright Finland Foundation operates under the brand promise “Together Shaping the Future” and its vision is to “empower the minds that will find global solutions to tomorrow’s challenges by fostering academic and professional expertise and excellence in leadership”. The new award was created to support the Foundation’s vision.

The award is meant for scholars and professionals who want to impact the future and make a difference, finding solutions to current and global challenges through their research, teaching or professional projects. The proposed Fulbright project should focus on a timely topic of global importance and produce benefits of significance to a wide community. Projects that are focused on a local level that have the ability to address international and global challenges are welcomed. Projects aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are encouraged.

Academic candidates are expected to teach and/or participate in research work according to the agreement between the candidate and the host. Likewise, candidates pursuing a professional project should discuss the content of the project with the host.

For teaching/research awards, applicants should discuss the teaching/research ratio with the host institution before requesting an invitation letter (e.g. lectures, modules or entire courses).

Project focus areas could include (but are not limited to) the following:

Shared Environments

  • Sustainability
  • Climate Change
  • Arctic Cooperation
  • Circular Economy
  • Energy and resources

Emerging Technologies & Hybrid Threats

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cybersecurity
  • Media Literacy, Disinformation, and Societal Resilience

Managing Migration & Humanitarian Crises

  • Displaced Persons, Refugees, & Asylum Seekers
  • Irregular Migration
  • Economic Migrants

Governance, Peace, and Wellbeing

  • Equitable Societies
  • Human rights and inclusive societies
  • Women in Society
  • Preventing Radicalization
  • Peace Mediation
  • Multilateralism
  • Education and innovation
  • Global health
Grant Length
Two to six months. For Flex grants, see Flex Option.
Grant Dates

Preferably grants begin in August/September 2021, or January 2022, or must be separately agreed upon with the host institution and the Fulbright Finland Foundation. The academic year runs from September through mid-May (fall semester: September to mid-December; spring semester: January to mid-May).

The Finnish host institution can give details on the term structure and teaching periods.


Any appropriate Finnish higher education institution, research center/institute or other applicable institutions to your specific project.

Candidates are expected to secure an affiliation with a Finnish institution and include a letter of invitation in the application. Assistance in locating possible host institutions and making connections is available from the Fulbright Finland Foundation if needed.

Read also our tips for finding a host university in Finland.

Flex Option
Flex Description

The Flex Award is designed for scholars who require multiple visits to the host country. This option allows grants to be conducted over short segments, during the fall and/or spring semesters. Interested applicants should clearly indicate plans for Flex in their project statement, including a project timeline.

Flex grant parameters:

  • Minimum length of the total grant is two months and the maximum is six months;
  • Minimum length for any grant segment is one month and the maximum is three months;
  • Two grant segments may be spread over one or two consecutive years; and
  • Flex awards are offered for research, teaching, teaching/research and professional project grants.
Discipline Type
Applications are sought in all disciplines
Application Deadline
Tuesday, September 15, 2020
Professional Project
Degree Requirements
Ph.D. (or other terminal degree) not required
Candidate Profile
Academics, all levels including early career
Number of Grants
Up To 3
Program Staff
Outreach and Recruitment Specialist

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